A warm welcome to Sint & Piet

Sinterklaas has finally arrived. And we all know what that means…presents and pepernoten! Meri Meri designed a Sinterklaas range especially for our customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. In this blog, we will introduce you to these exclusive and fun items. We can’t wait to show you.

The Meri Meri Sint & Piet range offers everything you need to make your home feel cosy and festive. Invite Sint and Piet into your home and give them a warm welcome by decorating the house with festive garlands in the typical Meri Meri colour accents gold and neon.

For children no greater fun than to immerse themselves in all the Sinterklaas festivities. The kids gather round the fire to drink hot cocoa from Amerigo cups; their ‘pepernoten’ served in special cups are sure to be a real treat. Next, they can dress up like Sinterklaas and put on a ‘mijter’ that even comes with a glittering ruby stone.

No Sinterklaas party is complete without the children having write down their wishes on a cheeky wish list. The kids can write their hearts’ desires on Sint’s long white beard and decorate it with stickers. They then put their wish list together with some hay and a carrot in their shoe and wait for their dreams to come true; Meri Meri surely won’t let them down!

And this isn’t just all. We will show you more in our next blog in a few days’ time…so stay tuned!

Photo credits: https://www.partydeco.nl